Italian Gardens

An impressive horticultural display of herbaceous perennial plants in a sunken garden with steps at all sides and an accessible ramp, surrounded by beautiful greco-romanesque doric columns. The Italian Gardens have been a feature here since the park opened and were recently restored for all to enjoy.

The Italian gardens

There are climbing roses and other plants on trellises between the columns and the perennials were carefully selected to give a long display of colour while maximising the benefits to pollinating insects.  The planting was done with the help of volunteers, and is lovingly maintained by a gardener with help from dedicated volunteers.

The greco-romanesque doric columns were damaged in a storm in 2011, salvaged, and restored to their former glory during the National Lottery Heritage Fund restoration in 2020.

no dogs allowed in the park
no alchohol allowed in the park
no dogs barbecues in the park

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