Events and Holiday Clubs

Holiday Activities

During half terms and summer holidays, Burnley Leisure Community and Wellbeing team deliver Themed trails in the park.  Families are given a map of the park and then follow the numbers marked on the map to discover the clues that have been left behind.  At the end of the trail, children are given a small gift and the opportunity for parents to take Photos of their child with the main Character from the Trail.

Examples of trails include – Easter Bunny Trail, Vinnie the velociraptors Valentines trail, Halloween Trails, Christmas cracker trail.

Trails planned for this year include – Easter Bunny trail / Pirates in the park / Where’s Wally / Halloween pumpkin patch / Christmas cracker trail.  For further information email

no dogs allowed in the park
no alchohol allowed in the park
no dogs barbecues in the park

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